Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Food: The Last Supper

"Somewhere between a classroom and a disco."

My friend Coralina, who has recently allowed me to become co-conspirator, created The Last Supper Salon five years ago. What started as creative folks sharing art, film, music, and conversation over a homemade feast has blossomed into an annual event with an ever-increasing audience; last year's was somewhere between 600 and 800 people. This year's theme, as it is on everyone's minds, is "means." Artists (some using food as medium), musicians, and filmmakers will present their work at 3rd Ward (in Brooklyn) on September 26th. For more information, please see the website: The Last Supper Festival We hope you'll join us!

As director/manager of the Fundraiser, I'd originally been interested in domesticity, gendered labor and gendered space, the body, and value. Further contemplation (and a resurgence of my fixation on the WPA) resulted in the following meditation on rustic living:

Drawing inspiration from past periods of economic hardship, the Domestic Labor Dinner + Dance Hoedown celebrates simple pleasures and simple measures: the fruits and labors of local artists, farmers, craftspeople, musicians, djs, filmmakers, and writers. With earnest appreciation, we turn to the local-pastoral in order to revisit the past and re-imagine the future. Please join us in conversations about labor, value, and alternative economies of means, while enjoying a farm feast inspired by the Food Files and Films of the WPA.*

The event will feature canning demonstrations and clips from WPA films about conservation, rationing, and sustainable food practices, toe-tapping tunes, and a delicious farmhouse dinner prepared by Lila Dobbs.

*Shout out to John Mattioli for those years spent living frugally: finding sustenance in conversations about alternative means and economies.

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