Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy and Me!

As the daylight wanes, so too does my residency at the domestic violence shelter. Over the last few months, many recipes and hypotheses have been tested. The results are as follows:

*Parents and children benefit from time spent together, interacting with one another, creating cupcakes and memories to be shared. Kitchens/food help nourish the soul and the stomach.*#*

*Baking makes the world better. And, it makes me better. Through the Mommy and Me cupcake workshops, I'm reminded that social change and community activism are of primary importance. These activities are often enhanced, like most things, with a spoonful of sugar.

*Kids don't like chocolate cupcakes with orange icing. Kids like double chocolate, or chocolate and vanilla, or chocolate cherry.

*Rainbow sprinkles are like magical unicorns of glee!

*The bigger the mess, the more fun was had.

*#*This bears mentioning, some of the families were unable to transition to more permanent housing within the 90-days normally allotted, so I had an opportunity to see them over a longer period of time. In early sessions, parents would often critique their children's behavior or cupcake decorating. By the end, however, parents encouraged free creativity, using positive feedback and supportive language. Smiles seemed less strained and more joyous. It was delightful to take part. :)

It is with icing on my nose that I approach 2010.

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